Kinah is the currency in the game

Kinah is the currency in the game and is an integral part of gameplay. It is commonly used to maintain your character by upgrading your gear, use various services offered by NPCs and many more. Obtaining Kinah can be done in a variety of ways. Some of the examples are:

Looted from defeated enemies
Selling "junk" enemy drops
Selling items through ingame NPCs
Peddling crafted items
Completing quests
Below is a compilation of short introductions for ways aion kinah to make money in the game. For players who has Kinah as one of the main focus and want to make lots of it, this is a recommendable Aion Kinah reference.

The game features a diverse trading system which offers a variety of options for players to trade and earn much needed in-game cash. For new players, it will be handy to know some of the basic terminologies in the game related this. Check them out below:

Private Store
Players can set up shop and peddle their goods for other players to buy. The good thing about this is that players can leave their stores running even if they're inactive. When you start the game, you'll notice that there are private stores set up in the entrances of towns and cities since these are the busiest parts of the turf. You can manually set the price of your goods and since you don't have to pay anything to set up your store, you'll be confident that you'll get your full income.

This feature allows players to create their buy aion kinah own items from raw materials which they can gather from various sources like enemy drops or from plants and ores. There are six crafts to choose from. Characters can learn all the crafts but can only master one. More details about this will be discussed in the Crafting Overview section.

There are "named" or special monsters that can be hunted for their rare/ uncommon loot. These monsters can be dangerous due to their aggressive nature and higher level/ stats but they're worth the experience and trouble, especially when you have allies to share exp and to fight them off with. Remember that some of these "named" mobs are elites; mobs cheap aion kinah that require several people to take it down. Forming a hunting party will make things a lot easier and you can share any loot you acquire.

Thanks for your reading,hope this basic guide can help you to know much more about on playing Aion game!


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